Total Items: 82

1   -8132 manualFeedTOErr Manual Feed time out

3   -8150 noChosenPrinterErr No LaserWriter chosen

5   -8152 noPrepErr No LaserPrep dictionary installed

7   -8950 errMoreDataToFlush Theres still data to be dealt with

9   -8952 errTriedToWriteNullBuffer This should never happen

11   -8954 errCouldNotIDArchitecture

13   -8956 errSystemProfileNotFound We tried to use ColorSync but couldnt find the default System Profile

15   -8958 errUninitializedPort

17   -8960 errUnsupportedStream The PSStream type passed in to a given library call is not supported

19   -8962 errGlyphsDontFit A single glyph either didnt end on a 4-byte boundary (a bug in the font) or was larger than 64k

21   -8964 errBadColorSync2Comment The ColorSync2 PicComment wants a 4-byte selector and we encountered a smaller datasize than 4 bytes

23   -8966 errUnsupportedCodec Compressed pixmap wants a codec we cant deal with

25   -8968 errUnsupportedDestColorMode The output colorspace isnt supported

27   -8970 errMissingPAPA The PAPA resource we looked for isnt there Very Bad

29   -8972 errNULLFormatString The format string passed to an internal printf-like function was null

31   -8974 errBadFontKeyType The type of a font was not PS TT or bitmap

33   -8976 errChannelNotBinary Application wants binary data (via PrGeneral) but the actual channel to the printer isnt binary

35   -8978 errNoPattern We couldnt find or make a pixpat

37   -8980 errNoPagesSpooled The app made a PrOpenDoc call and PrCloseDoc but didnt print any pages

39   -8982 errPSFileNameNull (NO LONGER USED)

41   -8984 errBadConverterIndex Couldnt find the entry matching the selection in the Save to Disk popup

43   -8986 errBitmapFontMissing We tried to build a 1-bit bitmap but failed

45   -8988 [couldnt find a name ] QuickTimes not there but we thought it was []

47   -8990 errBadSpoolFileVersion While foreground printing (pre-LW84) we read the spool file and the header information was not good

49   -8993 errInLineTimeout We got tired of waiting for a response from the printer

51   -8995 errFontNotFound A font query reply didnt match any of the PS fonts

53   -8997 errFaceListBad (NO LONGER USED)

55   -10000 AppleEvent handler failed

57   -10002 Invalid key form

59   -10004 A privilege violation occurred

61   -10006 Cant set to

63   -10008 The specified object is a property not an element

65   -10010 The AppleEvent handler cant handle objects of this class

67   -10012 The transaction to which this doc-dialupand belonged isnt a valid transaction

69   -10014 Handler only handles single objects

71   -11000 pictInfoVersionErr Version number not zero

73   -11002 pictInfoVerbErr Invalid verb combination specified

75   -11004 colorsRequestedErr Number out of range or greater than passed to NewPictInfo

77   -13000 pmBusyErr Power Manager IC stuck busy

79   -13002 pmSendStartErr Power Manager IC did not start handshake

81   -13004 pmRecvStartErr During receive Power Manager did not start handshake

2   -8133 generalPSErr General PostScript Error

4   -8151 prepMismatchErr Version mismatch between LaserPrep dictionaries

6   -8160 zoomRangeErr Zoom scale factor out of range

8   -8951 errWhoTookThatOutBuffer We had a buffer Its gone now This seems bad

10   -8953 errPSStreamNullOutProc got a bad function pointer for the output routine

12   -8955 errCFM_EnablerNotPresent Were trying to use CFM-68K but the enablers not there

14   -8957 errHintWrongSize One of the converters hints was an unexpected size

16   -8959 errProfileNotInList The internal temproary profile list went south

18   -8961 errGenericComponentErr

20   -8963 errBadFlattenRefCon ColorSync gave us a NULL refcon in the flatten proc

22   -8965 errInvalidPPD Tried to open the PPD and got an error

24   -8967 errUnknownColorUsage (NO LONGER USED)

26   -8969 errMissingPrinterInfo The current printer does not have an entry in the printer database - usually because it hasnt been setup

28   -8971 errNotAFolderAlias The alias that should point to the Print Monitor Documents folder isnt pointing to a folder

30   -8973 errFunctionNotAvailable (NO LONGER USED)

32   -8975 errPrinterNotLevel2 Application wants to use Level 2 PS but the printers not hip to Level 2

34   -8977 errPSStateUnderFlow We tried to pop the topmost graphics state Oops

36   -8979 errBadConverterID The PDEF we wanted to run as a converter wasnt there

38   -8981 errNullColorInfo GetColor was called with a NULL handle

40   -8983 errSpoolFolderIsAFile (NO LONGER USED)

42   -8985 errDidNotDownloadFont The PS outline couldnt be found and theres no sfnt

44   -8987 errPSFileName While saving PS to disk the filename was bad

46   -8989 errCouldNotMakeNumberedFilename Couldnt make a unique spool file name by adding numbers to the base name We tried a bunch of numbers and ran out

48   -8991 errNoProcSetRes While generating PS prolog we couldnt find the resource containing the needed procedure sets

50   -8994 errUnknownPSLevel We asked for the printers PS level and got an answer we didnt expect

52   -8996 errSizeListBad The size list was not consistent with the face list

54   -8998 errNotAKey Couldnt find a key for the desired font number

56   -10001 A descriptor type mismatch occurred

58   -10003 Cant set to Access not allowed

60   -10005 The read operation wasnt allowed

62   -10007 The index of the event is too large to be valid

64   -10009 Cant supply the requested descriptor type for the data

66   -10011 Couldnt handle this doc-dialupand because it wasnt part of the current transaction

68   -10013 There is no user selection

70   -10015 Cant undo the previous AppleEvent or user action

72   -11001 pictInfoIDErr Invalid PictInfo ID

74   -11003 cantLoadPickMethodErr Custom pick method not in resource chain

76   -11005 pictureDataErr Invalid picture data

78   -13001 pmReplyTOErr Timed out waiting to begin reply handshake

80   -13003 pmSendEndErr During send Power Manager did not finish handshake

82   -13005 pmRecvEndErr During receive Power Manager did not finish handshake